The NonFun Friends is an avatar project for event-goers, networkers, and community enthusiasts. This collection of 9006 Friends passively yield 10 $MEH each per day, and possess other perks/utility within the NonFun and partner ecosystems (e.g., early registration lists, NFT mintings, merch discounts, event discounts, etc.).

The Friends are made up of three species all inhabiting the same psychedelic world after a catastrophic event known as “The Trip”.


An intergalactic nomadic species


A bionic species created with the mixture of Human and Lysergian technology


The native peoples of Earth

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Mint Free



May 21st 2022

500 total(5 mints per wallet)




June 5th 2022

500 total(4 mints per wallet)




June 19th 2022

500 total(4 mints per wallet)




July 3rd 2022

500 total(10 mints per wallet)



About The Mint

Notice to our Friends out there→ All minting is First-Come-First-Mint! There will be more individual wallets eligible for each list than there will be spots available on any given list.

3,000 Friends will be minted in this first "minting event" which will consist of 4 phases: Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Public, in that order. There will be 2 additional minting events at undetermined future dates; each will mint an additional 3,000 Friends. There will only ever be 9,006 Friends!

For each of the 4 minting phases, there will be a list of eligible future Friends. These lists represent the projects who have motivated and helped us along the way, building towards the kinds of friendships that we will see represented at NonFun Events. If you hold an NFT from a listed collection, you are eligible to mint in that phase.

Not just projects are listed! 🥳 Individual wallets will be listed for these minting events as well - these will include our partners and prize winners. We encourage future Friends to mint early.

Each minting phase has a mint limit (ie, a max that one can mint with a listed wallet). A “free mint” listed wallet may only mint a single Friend. Free mints will mint with the Family starting May 21 at, the launch party! A free mint listed wallet may also be on the Family list, in which case they could mint 1 free + 5 at .05 $ETH, for example.

If you are listed and you miss your mint window, you may miss your chance. Don't FOMO into anything, ever, but... Saying this again for transparency: there will be more eligible wallets for minting in each event than there there are Friends are available.

We have an ambitious roadmap, some of which we’ve already achieved (pre-launch!). Make sure you check out the NonFun whitepaper for more info on the entire NonFun ecosystem and how the Friends will play integral roles in a story will evolve (and decentralize) in the years ahead.

We acknowledge that some people may sell their free mints below the minting price. We acknowledge that we may not sell out instantly. Neither of these are causes for FUD.

Art will be revealed 15 days after the opening of the public mint, on July 3rd. Patience! We know it’s a long wait. We watch the weekly candles; thinking long-term!

Path of

Mile 1

  • "Friends of Friends" Partnership Perks Program
  • Claimable $MEH Tokens
  • Discounts to Events, EaaS, & PaaS
  • Exclusive Discord Quests & Contests
  • Exclusive Airdrops

Mile 2

  • Friends-only Excursions at Events
  • $MEHmberships Unlocked
  • Friends Merchandise
  • Totems of Power — stay tuned!

Mile 3

  • NonFun City, your first Friends' experience in The Sandbox
  • VX skins for NonFun City in the Sandbox Game (exclusive mint)
  • Exclusive Discord Quests & Contests
  • Governance perks